Alessia Camoirano

After graduating from the University of the Arts London with a first class honours in 2018 and experiencing major anxiety and emotional instability, Alessia found stability and recovery in her art. She is half Italian and half Colombian but moved to London in order to explore her intensity and human emotions. Since she was a child, Alessia was an unusual girl who cared deeply about social issues as well as understanding the constant passing of time in a finite life. In 2016, she went back to Colombia and spent time in the jungle with a tribe that hosted her and she connected with nature, her biggest inspiration. Her paintings are a representation of her subconscious through trauma, resilience and inner child, her hands are guided by her needs as a woman in a society that aims for the destruction of individuality. Each painting comes along with a poem. Alessia is currently working on her first poetry book as well as building her social media presence hoping to finally have her breakthrough in the art world.