Geraldina Khatchikian was born in Bologna in 1992. In 2017 she attended a one year course in jewelry design at the IED in Milan learning basics techniques of goldsmith. After attending several workshops she became interested in the coloring techniques of metals and she attended a painting workshop in mixed techniques directed by a teacher of her institute. When the experience at the IED ended she decided to pursue her passion for painting transform it to a profession. In summer 2018 she attended the “art world basics for artists” course at the Sotheby's institute of art in New York held by visual artist Jonathan VanDyke and Suzanne Schultz founder and CEO of “Canvas Fine arts”. All her cavases are the result of an emotional journey that begins with a sensiorial approach, evolving throughout the pieces, and narrated through colors and brushstrokes. Each piece is layered and the plasticity in the colors resemblences goldsmith art. Exploring the core concept of the painting she endeavors to make it both tangible and simoultaneously indescribable. She loves using the mechanism of “Pareidolia” and its unconscious core, both in the making of the canvas and in the final result. It’s a psychologically honest chaos- exposed and open, inexplicable and overwhelming. Each painting begins with a question and creates a journey whose outcome is often unexpected, even for her.

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