Paintings that concern Louis Hävre's abstract expressionist paintings in oil and acrylic give the observer hope in the symbolism. In the paintings, love and harmony are conveyed through trips to different dimensions. From those who looked at my paintings, it has been expressed as they move between the small world of quantum physics and the great universe. Arches, stairs and mirrors are recurring elements that symbolize life that has not always been positive for Louise, whose childhood consisted of violence, incest and abuse. Today life looks brighter. Louise has been named one of Sweden's best artists by Swedish Artists with exhibitions in ten different countries with metropolises such as London, Paris, Monaco, Rome and New York.

Alicia 60X60cm_1544 -.JPG
Akasha arkivet 50X50cm_6289 -.JPG
Paradise of crystals 55X45cm_6469 -.JPG