To me being a Pop ( popular ) artist means to be very near the community and people and on the base of all my artworks is that we are all the same. I started my path doing Pop Portraits and in front of my rainbow wall background everyone is a superstar. After a while I slowly started to expand my works and since I am a great walker and I am great traveler too so I started to take pictures of everything that was getting my attention in the streets , especially urban landscapes, so that s why I started to show the reality of the streets seen in first person with my eyes during my trips ( I lived all over Italy and Milan, London, Seoul, Tokyo, NY, Beijing, HK, Taipei,- + traveled most of Europe and other places ) Another area of my works , let's call it satirical , shows my point of views about the world and the problems that affect all of us : religions, politics,mass media, governments , etc. I do unique pieces and editions of 3 and 6 usually rarely 10. All my works starts from high definition pictures. Working on them with 2 long processes of vectors and colouring with graphic programs , then print on premium canvas . Done Solo exhibitions in Ny,Seoul,Beijing,Yiwu Museum,PortoAlegre,and more plus several art fairs.

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