My love of collecting is a major part of my practice, hunting around bookshops to find beautiful images that are hidden away inside book covers. Images of forgotten people and landscapes from a time that i haven't known, but resonate with me anyway. We are bombarded with constant new imagery everyday, but i like to rescue these forgotten snapshots of time and people and give them a new lease of life. Bringing them to the present, removing them from the closed unseen book and into the spotlight. Their story very much becomes part of my story within the artwork. These stories are an intimate disclosure of my own life events, Fleeting memories of childhood that are partly concealed, layered, or exposed within a frame. Memories are never vivid or clear, we often create our own version of them to help us cope or process things. These Memories are simply flashes of a feeling or a sound or faceless people that time has blurred in my mind. The immediacy of creating a picture using imagination , before an age where your self critical , perfectionist voice becomes a part of you , is something i craved to have again as an adult. Collage enables the subconscious to create , not the conscious. Its been a healing process to see what i create after I'm finished, because it allows the parts of me i cant voice , the memories i cant acknowledge , to come through in my artwork.