Michelle is an emerging a photographic artist from the UK. She has worked within different photographic industries, from the wedding industry to food photography. None of these ever satisfied her creativity and so she began her journey into fine art. .Often working within surrealism, she weaves thoughtful narratives with contrasting concepts. To date, Michelle has focussed on self portraiture, enjoying the freedom of creating alone. She works, simplistically, with few props or resources, highlighting form or colour. Her images use layering, collage and digital manipulation. Inspired by her surroundings; she connects the outside world with her inner world. Michelle has exhibited in her local area of East Kent, been featured in Artist Portfolio Magazine and been a Nominee in the Fine Art Photography Awards.

Self Lit_MichelleTasker_YG.jpg
Giraffe Lamp_MichelleTasker_YG.jpg
Self Lit in Pink_MichelleTasker_YG.jpg