I am currently based out of Melbourne, Australia and go by the artist / street artist name of Paink. I began my career as a Graphic Designer in Perth, Australia 2007, which allowed me to build on my design skills and wet my appetite for creativity. I would say that Graphic Design is a creative outlet, but is not my dream so whilst in Perth I would often paint on the weekends. I decided to move back to Melbourne in 2011 so that I could centre myself in Australia’s creative hub. Although I had always painted as a child and studied art, my relocation back to Melbourne is where my journey with art really began to take off. A few years after moving back to Melbourne I decided to launch my own graphic design business, which has absorbed a lot of my attention but I have managed to run solo exhibitions and sell artwork simultaneously. My artwork usually evolves from on screen to canvas. The design plays a huge role in my pieces as it allows me to map out my work and build up layers prior to even touching a paint brush or spay can. I regularly use spray paint, ink, pen, posca markers and acrylic, to achieve the fine detail and layering of different mediums. I don’t like to limit myself and often use what I can get my hands on at the time whether it be house paint, pastels, oil pens, gold leaf, pencil and more.

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