My name is Silvia Schmitt and I gravitated to the arts even as a child, spending enormous amounts of time trying to equal the drawing talents of my older brother and role model. I became adept in pen and ink, watercolour, pastel, and eventually found (coloured) pencil the best fit for my figurative works. Inspired by several painters I discovered a passion for drawing photorealism in October 2014. I love to draw people. I always created a lot of portraits in the past and I am especially inspired by people with a wonderful charisma. I love character faces, faces which tell a story and catch your attention. There is a saying that drawings are like poems without words. I try to achieve that goal, that my artworks are thought-provoking. In terms of conceptualizing my art I have no special pattern. Of course I give it some thoughts, which part of the human figure I want to show, which size of paper to use and which pencils. Concerning the rest of my work I can only say, that I draw what I see and feel. My goal is to capture the soul and beauty of each individual and convey my feelings to other artists and people interested in the arts. Since January 2016 I am finally able to work as a professional artist whereby my lifetime dream to turn my passion into a career comes true.

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